Over-communicative introvert, nerd, dad, husband, hacker, average white suburbanite slob. Prefers summer, sunshine, beaches and a cool Mediterranean/SoCal laidback approach. Can be found behind the laptop or staring at the sunset with a cold one.

Comes from Denmark, moved to Sweden and works for an Australian company for a customer in the US. Speaks four languages (almost equally poor) and is the proud father of four children – but mostly just the devoted sidekick to the ruler of the house, my incredible wife and best friend.

This blog is meant as a final resting place for the many halfbaked ideas and thoughts that probably never should have been phrased anyway but alas; here they are for your general discomfort. Although it has been online since 2006 not much has made it to the published state – maybe now is the time to do something about it.

So, I’ll divulge some truths, explain some ideas and generally just vent frustrations, tribulations and life’s afflictions. Probably mixed up with a few war stories, success stories and other lies. Some in Danish (1st language), most in English and all in Jibberish.

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