New gear on the way


Put in an order with Wimo yesterday… first new purchase in ~10 years and, man, has things changed!

Main reason is that I commute a lot on a daily basis (approx 230 km return-trip) and why not spend the time right? 🙂
I’ve been quite keen on APRS for ages but never really got familiar with it – started with UI-View and Igates, later over TH-D7 which seemed like an easy way in but somethings wrong with the radio (the plug for GPS) and I never got around to fixing it.
Now you can get a mobile station with the GPS build in so there’s the nice boxed solution I could use – ordered the Yaesu FTM-350 and it’s like the days before christmas!
Will be sure to update with the progress when it arrives.

Oh, and second reason was a hefty 20% discount from the store 😉 Thanks, Wimo.

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