Updating an iMac 27″ EMC 2546

Back in 2013 when my oldest son was 10 years old I wanted him to get into computers. He had already started gaming but the responsible thing seemed to ever-so-gently nudge him towards development and the world of creating your own applications. As I was already a converted Apple-fan (from Linux) the best choice was […]

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Let’s go 2019!

Well, hello there – yes, the blog is still alive (just barely) and as much as it has been neglected in the previous years, the more I want to do something about it… finally! Scrolling through the archives there’s plenty of half-assed attempts at trying to push some new posts through the Ol’ WordPress but […]

Disable all contrib modules in Drupal 8

If you for some odd reason should need to disable all contrib modules in Drupal 8 in a sweeping motion, you could do with Drush: Start by getting a list of all modules, that… are enabled are not in core get the machine name and put it all in a file $ drush pml|grep Enabled|grep […]

How to update Babystar firmware

The present version of Babystar D-STAR hotspot is v. 1.04 and can be downloaded from the ON8JL website. To update the hotspot with MacOS you can try and do what I did: Open the hotspot (screws on the underside) Attach the accompaning USB-cable to the three-pin serial-port Attach the USB-port and confirm that the port […]

It’s still alive!

It’s been ages since I last updated this blog and that’s a bit of a shame. Not because of lack of ideas for topics or posts but mostly lack of time – or more correctly, a lack priority. Hopefully this is about to change since there’s plenty to write about and document. This is just […]

A foreigner in LA

I’m at work right now and as many times before that means traveling. Not that I mind that at all. In fact, with winter full on at home with temperatures around freezing and practically no sight of sun it’s quite nice to spend some time in a more hospitable climate. Not to mention, a taste […]

Posting via mail

WordPress is pretty cool – you can mail your blogposts in and get them published automatically. And if you – like me – really like your mail client for writing and editing it couldn’t be easier Give it a twirl! I use Postie and that’s a recommended module.

So, what’s happening?

I’ve made a few updates to the system and did some ‘house-cleaning’ so maybe this time I can start to blog a bit more. As of now the overall language is English but there will be posts in Danish and even Swedish. It’s hard to be multi-lingual when most tools are only built for one […]

How I Learned To Love Agile

Ok, I’ll gladly admit it – I was never very fond of ”process methodologies” or any fancy way to describe how, why and when I should do my work. A little childish perhaps and probably not very professional. So there, I’ve said it. But I never was a very normal developer. Not even normal. Or […]

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