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Updating an iMac 27″ EMC 2546

Back in 2013 when my oldest son was 10 years old I wanted him to get into computers. He had already started gaming but the responsible thing seemed to ever-so-gently nudge him towards development and the world of creating your own applications. As I was already a converted Apple-fan (from Linux) the best choice was […]

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Paul Krugman er en KÆMPE idiot

As the rate of technological change in computing slows, the number of jobs for IT specialists will decelerate, then actually turn down; ten years from now, the phrase information economy will sound silly. Paul Krugman er en KÆMPE idiot. The Red Herring – Economics – June 1998.

Gå væk, sne…

To uger med vintervejr, frost og elendigt føre Og nu endeligt plusgrader – ca 3 grader idag gav temmelig tung sne.